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YA and adult SF / fantasy from authors Diane Duane and Peter Morwood

Product Image So You Want to Be a Wizard, New Millennium Edition

So You Want to Be a Wizard, New Millennium Edition


The New Millennium Edition of So You Want to Be a Wizard has been revised and edited for its 21st-century readership, and features exclusive new material which does not appear in the original (1983) edition. The beautiful new cover is by noted German graphic artist Niko Geyer. 

For much more information about the update, please see this posting at DD's weblog "Out of Ambit".   You can also access this new podcast interview with Ken Denmead at GeekDad, where the updating of the book is discussed in some detail toward the end of the podcast: and the “Wizards in a New Millennium” interview with Kelly Knox at GeekMom. 

To read Chapter One of the New Millennium Edition of SYWTBAW, please click here.

 Young Wizards Book 1: Two brand new wizards -- one wild adventure, updated at last!

Thirteen-year-old Nita Callahan finally finds a way to get back at the notorious school bullies, Joanne and her gang, when she discovers a library book on the art of wizardry. She hardly dares to believe the book's claim that she too can become a wizard if she's willing to take the Wizard's Oath and undergo the danger of a wizard's initiation, the Ordeal.

But to Nita's amazement and delight, her new Wizard's Manual is telling her the truth. While practicing her first spells, Nita meets Kit Rodriguez, another young wizard, and starts working with him to find a solution to her bullying problem...

What they get, though, doesn't look much like a solution. Kit and Nita suddenly find themselves dealing with a "white hole" named Fred, who's arrived on Earth with an urgent message regarding the mystical Book of Night with Moon. The Book is missing...and has to be found quickly if dire things aren't going to start happening to the Earth.

It's not long before the search for the bright Book leads Nita and Kit to a deadly alternate Manhattan, where they encounter man-eating helicopters, vicious packs of killer cabs, and the terrible wolflike perytons, which attack them at every turn. Despite the danger, Kit and Nita are determined to rescue the Book of Night with Moon from the lair of the dragon who presently possesses it. But can they keep the Book out of the clutches of the Lone Power, the ancient darkness cast out long ago from the heart of the worlds?...

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