The Non Back-To-School Sale

Our NOT A Back To School Sale

We hate using the S word this time of year. It's just too painful.

So this is not a Back To S****l sale! This is a Pre-Autumn Sale. Which is much nicer. Think about golden leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and so forth.

From now until 7:02 PM Irish time on September 22, nearly everything at Ebooks Direct except our most recent releases is 50% off. This includes the Young Wizards New Millennium Edition 9-volume box sets.

Please scroll down to see our whole inventory! (It might take the page a few moments to load... please bear with us.)

And  by the way, if you've recently purchased from us, please check your most recent emails from the store confirming those last purchases. You may be in possession of a discount code that's valid right now -- one that will allow you an even deeper discount.

And whether you purchase anything from us or not, please enjoy the days until the Autumn Equinox!