The Birthday Sale: everything in our store 50% off until DD's birthday

ETA: this sale has now ended.

We've had sales going here at the store for some days now. Reasons have included a dead TV (now in the process of being replaced: thank you, everybody) and May the Fourth (Be With You), aka Star Wars Day.

But now we're coming up on May the 18th, which is DD's birthday. Discussions took place at a relatively high level (about 400m above sea level, actually) and it was decided to leave the 50% discount in place until then. Maybe just because it's May, when (as the song says) everything goes Blissfully Astray. ...Or maybe this is just a hobbit-ish kind of thing, where you give other people presents for your birthday. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Therefore, until 23:59:59 on 18 May* (UTC), everything in our catalog remains half off, even the 9-volume Young Wizards New Millennium Edition box set. So go on... knock yourselves out. :)

*Or JD 2457160.49999. This is why astronomers use Julian dating. "Midnight" is such a slippery concept...