Our "Bored With The SuperBowl" Sale

ETA: Our 2016 storewide Super Bowl sale is now over. However, the Young Wizards New Millennium box sets and the new between-novels book Interim Errantry are still 50% off for a limited time! ...Thanks for your interest.
We're not really football fans around here. (Except for the European kind, and even then, only sometimes.) And word has reached us that there are actually people in North America who don't much care about football either (or for other reasons just don't want to pay any attention to it right now).

It's hard for non-football-fans in the US to catch a break on a day like this... but not around here. Because today, until midnight Hawai'ian time, (or 10 AM UK time on February 8th) everything at Ebooks Direct -- everything in our catalog -- is 50% off. No need for discount codes: the store's already handled that for you. ...So that you can (potentially) spend of the rest of the day reading and ignoring all the pigskin-based ruckus. Or you can sit down for a while and take your mind off the idea of the wrong team winning.

"Everything" includes our newest offering, the "interstitial" book Interim Errantry (so you can find out what happens between A Wizard of Mars and Games Wizards Play). It also includes the complete 9-volume set of the revised and updated New Millennium Editions of the Young Wizards series -- a truly ridiculous bargain at its sale price. when the discounted price means you're paying just a shade over USD $2.22* per ebook!

There are all kinds of other goodies on offer, too -- for example, Diane Duane's standalone fantasy novels: the urban fantasy / police procedural Stealing the Elf-King's Roses and the historical fantasy Raetian Tales 1: A Wind from the South

All our books are available in the major ebook formats, all are DRM-free, and many are available in multi-format bundles at no extra cost (because why should you have to pay extra just because you have more than once device?)

So explore what our store has to offer! And you can also sign up for our general mailing list in the footer at the bottom of the page if you'd like to be kept informed of new releases across the bookstore.

Whether you're a football fan or not, thanks for dropping by! (And whatever your preferences, enjoy your weekend.)

*Oh, all right, $2.22222222... We didn't think you'd want us to repeat ourselves. :)