Our 2016 Winter (post-Cyber Monday) Sale goes on!

 Our Winter Sale is on!

...with a few slight changes, for a short while more!

ETA: Due to mischievous timing on the Universe's part, your purchase this holiday season will assist the household in dealing with some sudden new health issues. For the sordid details, please see this post at DD's blog "Out of Ambit." And thanks for stopping by! (And a special wave-hello to those who've come over via Jim Wright's post at Facebook. You're very welcome!)


We're extending our annual Cyber Monday sale into a Holiday Sale for most of December. This means 50% off everything in-store for as long as the sale lasts, including the Young Wizards New Millennium Editions 9-volume box sets -- a terrific value at just a shade over $2 per book.

Also, those who make purchases now will receive (in their confirmation email) a special one-use-only discount code for the new Interim Errantry ebook -- Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal -- which will become available soon. IE2 contains some 90,000 words of new Young Wizards material that will be available only here until well into the New Year.

So scroll down and have a rummage through our inventory (please bear with it if it takes a moment to load). If there's something that interests you, you can pick it up at a bargain price... along with savings on Interim Errantry 2!