Now at Ebooks Direct and Amazon: THE DOOR INTO SHADOW

“An even stronger book than the first… Absorbing, the kind of book one reads in gulps and cannot put down.” — Andre Norton

In the Middle Kingdoms, the royal magics are failing. The dread Reaver armies threaten the southern passes, and behind them moves the eternal malice of the Shadow, sworn to destroy all it can of the Goddess’s creation — especially the re-established realms of humankind.

Caught in the midst of it all is Segnbora: warrior and loremistress, last scion of minor Darthene nobility, and on the run along with the rest of the following of her sometime lover, Freelorn Ferrant’s son, outlawed prince of Arlen. It's bad enough that his companions aren't all human. The innocent and deadly fire elemental Sunspark, who’s trying hard to understand humankind without burning everyone to cinders in the process, is a continual danger. But more dangerous by far is Freelorn's true love, Herewiss, first man in a thousand years to master the blue Flame of Power... and now a target of the Shadow's undying enmity.

That enmity now spills over onto Segnbora as well. Herewiss's search for the power to put Freelorn back on his stolen throne unexpectedly thrusts her into a terrifying and inescapable relationship with one of the Middle Kingdoms' ancient Dragons, powerful beyond belief but also alien beyond human understanding. She must battle with this inhuman power for control of her mind while Herewiss's and Freelorn's path leads all of them across the Kingdoms and into the first moves of the apocalyptic war that will set Arlen's true heir on his throne… or see their world destroyed.

The Door Into Shadow continues the critically-acclaimed "Tale of the Five", a series that has become a cult classic of fantasy both for its groundbreaking expansion of the genre and its unforgettable characters. The Door Into Shadow is now available from Amazon, with its new cover exclusive to that platform, or here at the author's own ebook store. Use the widgets in the margins to make your choice! (Need advice on choosing a format / loading ebooks to your reader or app? Check our sideloading guide.)

Reader advisory: This novel contains adult / mature themes and situations set in a sexually diverse and inclusive culture.