You've found our Secret Discount Page. Yay!

If you've bothered to click on the link to this page, you are either a charmingly curious person or you just can't resist a dare. (And okay, we fibbed a little in the link description. Guilty as charged.)

Either way, we like you enough for clicking on that link that we're giving you a 20% discount on any ebook(s) in the store. (Please note that this discount cannot be used on hardcover / physical books.) And you can use this discount as many times as you like before it stops working.* Please note that the discount code changes a few times a week, so don't sit around thinking "I'll come back to this later." When you come back, the code may no longer be valid.

The code right now is CHEESECAKE. Just put that in at checkout. (Need to see how our checkout procedure works? Here's a walkthrough.)

Thank you for being a curious and/or daring person!

*And yes, of course you can tell other people about the discount if you want. Just make sure you send them back to this page, as the code may have changed. Also, please note that this discount cannot be combined with others: the store's software just can't handle it. Sorry about that.