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Our storewide sale is now over: But some items are still 50% off!

We're celebrating the publication of the tenth Young Wizards novel, Games Wizards Play, with a store-wide sale!

This means that all the Young Wizards New Millennium Edition ebook box sets -- each tailored to your chosen reading device -- as well as the interstitial Young Wizards collection Interim Errantry, are available at half price. (For the 9-volume sets, that means you're getting the whole series so far, in its revised editions, for just USD $2.22 per book!)

Also at 50% off is Lifeboats, the standalone Young Wizards novel set between books 9 and 10. (Lifeboats is included in Interim Errantry for those who want it along with the Halloween story Not On My Patch and the Christmas story How Lovely Are Thy Branches.)

Everything else in the store is on sale as well for these three days. Want a bargain-price copy of the "hard fantasy" police procedural Stealing the Elf-King's Roses, the historical fantasy A Wind from the South, or the collected epic fantasy series The Tale of the Five Omnibus? Now's your chance to score them all for less!

You can click here for a look at our most popular items on our front page, or browse through our whole catalog (in alphabetical order) here.

As always, all Ebooks Direct offerings are DRM-free, with some available in multi-format bundles for those with more than one kind of reading device. And unlike other ebook-sales platforms, if you lose your purchases due to device loss or hardware failure, we'll renew your download links free.

So take advantage of the offer while it lasts! And thanks for stopping by.