For Star Wars Day: 50% off everything in our store

ETA: Sale extended for 24 hours. (Well, the #RevengeOfTheFifth, after all...)

We've had an ebook sale ongoing during the (UK and Irish) Bank Holiday weekend, and it's a pleasure to extend it in honor of this unique day in the year for Star Wars fans everywhere. So for the duration of May the Fourth (and remembering one Young Wizard who ran off to space to find and confront Darth Vader), everything in the store is available at half off the usual price!

Young Wizards New Millennium Edition Box Set

Been waiting for a chance to acquire the Young Wizards New Millennium Edition 9-volume box set on the cheap? Now’s the time. Want the omnibus edition of Peter’s Tales of Old Russia series for 50% off? There you go. Want to get the new YW short novel How Lovely Are Thy Branches at a really silly price? Seize the day already.

Or else simply browse our catalog for something you like better. Doesn't matter what it is: it'll be 50% off. The store has done all the discounting -- there’s nothing you need to do but click “buy”.

So please, go for it and take advantage of the discount. And... obviously... whatever you're up to today, May the Fourth be with you!