Post-Holiday Sale Tuesday, 27 December at Ebooks Direct!

We're having a one-day post-holiday (okay, it's not post-Hanukkah yet, but it will be shortly) flash sale at the Ebooks Direct store on Tuesday, December 27. Until 23:59 Hawaiian time on the 27th, everything in the store is 50% off with the discount code TUESDAY27 -- including the new Peter Morwood "Horse Lord" prequels Greylady and Widowmaker,  Diane Duane's 9-volume Young Wizards International Edition complete sets, and DD's new ebooks Raetian Tales 1: A Wind from the South and Stealing the Elf-King's Roses: The Author's Cut. Please do take a moment to browse our catalog and see what we have to offer.

Magic Number offer:  We're up to order #2289 in the store. If you complete order #2294, you get it free!

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