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Lior and the Sea (Tales of the Middle Kingdoms #1)
This much-sought-after 12,000-word Middle Kingdoms novelette was published for the first time in the Tor Fantasy tribute anthology Moonsinger's Friends:...
Midnight Snack and Other Fairy Tales
This second collection of (mostly) short fiction from Diane Duane features tales based on folklore, ghost stories and fairy tales...
Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal
A wizard's Ordeal is intensely personal, and sometimes (though not always) intensely dangerous. Each Ordeal is tailored to the wizard...
YW New Millennium 9-Volume Box Set
$39.99 $19.99
Our New Millennium Editions "box set" is optimized for each of the devices appearing in the drop-down menu.The New Millennium...
Stealing the Elf-King's Roses: The Author's Cut
It's CSI, Jim, but not as you know it...! Psychoforensics specialist and freelance prosecutor Lee Enfield works with the Los...
Young Wizards 30 Day OTP (Days 1-17)
DD says:"For those of you who don’t know what this is all about: It’s a challenge to draw or write...